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Seattle SEO Services

Make Your Website the Best It Can Be

For today’s businesses, having a website is not enough to gain exposure to the marketplace, especially in the tech-savvy Pacific Northwest.  It is critical that the site be optimized for search engines so that prospective customers can find your website in what has become a very full and cluttered internet.


BluHarmonix provides a wide range of services for online marketing to the greater Seattle area. Our services are divided into two types–SEO Setup and Continuous SEO Monitoring.  As each website is very different in size and complexity, please contact us for a quote.


SEO Setup: Tailored according to the needs of the business, this typically builds on the insights uncovered in the website analysis.  We provide advice on how to increase organic search traffic, which SEO techniques would be the most useful for your site and training on the most advanced tools that would provide the most value from a SEO perspective.


Continuous Monitoring: Given the nature of SEO, continuous monitoring of your website’s search engine performance is a powerful way to make sure you are making the most of your website.


Set Up a Free Website Analysis


Thorough analysis of your website to determine how to most efficiently optimize your site to improve search rankings.


Continuous monitoring of your website SEO and that of your competitors


Latest techniques and software for expanding in the web quickly and efficiently.



Train on the latest software and methods for growing your online marketing presence.